AI Face Recognition System
Not Biometric!

"With AI, We Have Removed Limits such as Number, Distance, Darkness, Low Resolution in Facial Recognition"

AI Facial Recognition

The process of recognizing and identifying people's faces from all angles and distances using intelligent algorithms is called Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition. People do not need to stand in front of the camera and stand straight at a certain distance. The generated data is larger but more detailed.

The AI Face Recognition System is a technology that goes far beyond biometric facial recognition. It does not have the limits of biometric facial recognition. There are no limitations such as standing to a certain distance of the camera to recognize the face, the correct light, standing straight, not laughing, being like in the recorded picture, being the same age. It is a strong system independent of distance (connected to the camera), independent of angle, independent of light, aged 10-20 years (except for the infancy).

  • Can be used with IP cameras of 2 MP (megapixel) and above,
  • The individual does not need to stop, he can walk, run or even drive a vehicle,
  • It can be used in any image where the face angle of the individual can be seen up to 90 degrees,
  • It can be easily used in dark and bright environments,
  • It can generate information, warnings, alarms,
  • It can perform facial recognition at speeds of 30 km/h to 150 km/h with appropriate fast cameras.

In-Vehicle Facial Recognition

It is a used system to recognize the individuals in the vehicles, especially at the checkpoints at the entrances. Thanks to this system, vehicle users are recognized without leaving the vehicle. Not only vehicle users, but also traveling guests in the vehicle identify. It doesn't matter if there are black films (black-out) on the vehicle’s windows. This product can also be used at night.

  • Can be used at any distance depending on the camera
  • Depending on the camera, recognition can be made at speeds from 30 km/h to 150 km/h
  • Available on cameras 2 Mp and above
  • Can be used day and night
  • (Balck-out) Filming of wehicle windows cannot prevent recognition
  • Much higher recognition performance can be achieved by using high ISO cameras.

Recognition from Low Resolution Camera

Snapshots from cameras come from time to time with distortions caused by external factors, such as distortions, blur, tremors, wind impact or field mist. The AI Face Recognition System is minimally affected by this type of disorder.

  • Unaffected or minimally affected by blurring caused by mobility,
  • Unaffected by camera shakes
  • Unaffected or minimally affected by disturbances caused by mobility or environmental conditions.
  • Not affected by Sahara condensation,

Recognition in Pitch Darkness

Thermal cameras or X-Ray cameras are generally used in dark environments or at night. But, facial recognition cannot be done on these cameras, but objects, people or animals can be recognized. However, our AI Face Recognition System has a very high success in facial recognition in the dark and at night. This performance can be maximized with cameras with high ISO.

  • It can be used in dark environments or places,
  • Can be used at night,
  • Recognition success reaches maximum with cameras with high ISO.

Needs-Oriented Solutions

Needs and problems are evaluated with you and resolved with AI solutions. There's no need to wait for these solutions. A fast, flexible, editable and interchangeable solution is necessarily produced.

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Applicable Areas

  • City entrance checkpoints.
  • Regulars’ checkpoints.
  • Strategic areas
  • Airports
  • City public spaces
  • Rally areas
  • Stadium entrances
  • Places in the Pitch Dark
  • In-vehicle
  • In-vehicle in traffic