AI Forensic Video Review

"Evidence, Person, Incident Scanning with Our AI On-Site Trainable Servers"

Artificial Intelligence Video - Evidence Search System

It is an AI-powered video analysis system that searches for criminal elements, evidence, people, events and objects in images recorded for hours. The evidence to be searched in images by our on-site trainable servers, can be identified individually by the staff in each project. The common objects to be scanned in the videos are recorded, so there is no need to define them again and again. Since the institution can make all kinds of arrangements in itself, the security of images and evidence is ensured. The time to find the evidence may be reduced depending on the hardware. Thus, hundreds of hours of footage are scanned within hours and find evidence. This system does not require additional personnel. Human-induced omissions, oversights and errors are eliminated.

On-Site Trainable Artificial Intelligence Servers

Each case has its own variables and evidence. Therefore, different evidence, events, objects or people must be identified in each footage. If desired, common scanned evidence or objects can be identified and recorded (such as guns, helmets, knives). There is no software on the market that offers all these flexible adjustments.

  • Identification of Unlimited Evidence, Objects, Events, People, Vehicles, etc.
  • Ability to Record Often Searched Objects such as Weapons, Knives, Helmets, Vehicles.
  • Looking for Details such as Hair, Beard, Tattoo, Piercing, Earrings.
  • No Additional Personnel Required.
  • Personnel-Induced Errors Do Not Occur.
  • Our On-Site Trained Servers Ensure the Security of Video and Evidence.

High Performance Scanning on Footage

Hundreds of hours of footage can be scanned at a minimum scan speed of 4X. This speed can be increased up to 2000X by adding hardware.

  • Scan at a minimum speed of 4X.
  • Ability to Increase speed up to 2000X with additional hardware.
  • Archiving up to disk capacity.
  • Ability to increase scanning speed from archive depending on hardware.
Needs-Oriented Solutions

Needs and problems are evaluated with you and resolved with AI solutions. There's no need to wait for these solutions. A fast, flexible, editable and interchangeable solution is necessarily produced.

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Applicable Areas

  • Video Monitoring Centers.
  • Criminal Branches.
  • Forensics.
  • Expert Offices.
  • Law Enforcement Units.
  • Forensic Units.